Carinae Conjure's Cartomancy College

Learn how to Conjure with Tarot

Hoodoo 101

Learn Hoodoo History and Rootwork Fundamentals

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Spiritual Consultation

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Carinae Conjure's Cartomancy College

Learn How To Conjure with the Cards.

Join my Patreon: Cartomancy College. Where you will learn the esoteric teachings of Tarot. Although these teachings will definitely give you insight on how to utilize Tarot for a divination tool, you will learn in depth ways to manifest, conjure and create via Cartomancy. 

Hoodoo 101

Hoodoo History and Rootwork Courses

Hoodoo 101 is an in depth 6 month course where we will go in depth on a new topic each month. Every month there will be 3 live Zoom Classes given on the topic at hand where I will demonstrate live and answer questions. Suggested books and items will be emailed before classes begin. The classes will be recorded and available for students to watch after. The course curriculum will include:

- History of Hoodoo ***

- Ancestral Veneration + Altar Setup ***

- Protection Work ***

- Money + Career Work

- Love + Attraction Work

- Graveyard + Left-handed Work

You can purchase individual months or the full 6 month course. 

This course is for Black Indigenous People Only. Classes limited to 10 students per month. Purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE unless I must cancel for unseen circumstances. First round of classes start July 2022

*** The first 3 courses are MANDATORY in order to take the Money, Love and Graveyard Courses. 

New Client Intake

First time receiving services? 

If this is your very first time booking with me, welcome! I intake new clients on approved basis only. What that means is that in order to book with me, I must first ask my ancestors if it is appropriate to be reading for you. If approved, the $25 new client fee will go towards your first reading. If not approved, I will refund you. 

All New Clients will be informed of their approval 24 hours after booking date chosen and I will email with further instructions. Although I will refund if I am not able to approve you, if you decide to cancel on your own before your booking date, I will not refund. 

Spiritual Consultation

For repeat clients only

Need a spiritual check in? This is a 30 minute Tarot Card divination with a full 10 card spread with oracle cards if necessary. I will asses everything from spiritual growth, finances/career, love life and more. You will not just receive a reading, but solutions to any problems or issues that may arise from the reading. 

All services are done via Zoom. You will receive an emailed Zoom Meeting Link on the day of the reading. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE service.