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About The Owner

 For those who do not know, my name is Jatohn or you can call me Jah. I am many things--a Conjurer, a Rootworker, an Ancestral Medium, Apetebi within Orisha Tradition and a teacher. But let's keep it simple, I am what they would call a Hoodoo, in the plainest of terms.


My people come by way of Natchez, Mississippi and Opelousas, Louisiana who made their way to Chicago (the land of the Kiikaapoi, Peoria, Kaskaskia, Potawatomi, Myaamia and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ people) during the Great Migration.


I was very blessed to have the first 14 years of my life with my great-grandparents who told me stories of old folktales, rootwork & how to make things work even when it seemed like it couldn't. I hope to share some of their lessons I learned while they were alive (and what they continue to teach me from the other side) with you all.



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