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“We are all made of star-stuff"

Carl Sagan

Cataloged as NGC 3372; also known as the Grand Nebula, Great Nebula in Carina, or Eta Carinae Nebula. This nebula is considered to be the most massive and the most luminous star in the Milky Way. It is one of the most active stars, creating new planetary systems all through our solar system. Creation. Carinae represents the ability to manifest something out of what is seemingly nothing. We hold the power of the stars within ourselves. Carinae is Creation. Creation is our destiny.


con·​jure | transitive verb

1. to summon by or as if by invocation or incantation.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2020

Conjure is our own form of manifestation. The most humanized version of creation. Nothing is more true to humanity than being able to create your own destiny. Using our own ways of connecting with the natural world around us, conjure is the focus of learning to reconnect back to our roots.

About The Owner


I am Jatohn Monique Redeaux but you can call me Jah. I am Cartomancy Counseler, Adornment Conjurer, Ancestral Medium, Rootworker and an Ifa Lucumi Apetebi from Chicago, IL. I believe in adorning ourselves to heal and protect ourselves like our ancestors have done. 

“Art is the expression of the human spirit”Joyce Carol Owes

Being able to express yourself, is the first step to feeding your soul self-love.

From these words, Carinae Conjure, manifested.

Express Yourself. Find Yourself. Heal Yourself.



"Jatohn got to the heart of my insecurities and put them to rest with her insight.  I feel empowered to move forward with her encouraging messages."

Taylor / Tarot Reading / 2020

"She is EXTREMELY Accurate (and my ancestors love her!) she won’t sugarcoat things and she really presents what your guides need you to know unfiltered!"

Kay / Tarot Reading / 2020

"My reading you did for me was 100% right,  it was like you were inside my house living you seen what I am trying to accomplish and how stressing have been you nail it on the head everything  you said is true I can't  wait for my next reading you are the real deal."

Sheila / Tarot Reading / 2020

"Carinae Conjure provides an excellent and accurate reading. All my questions were answered, and my reading provided me with direction."

Kinsey / Tarot Reading / 2020

"It was spot on."

James / Tarot Reading / 2020